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octofoil's Journal

Octofoil Records
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Octofoil Records was founded in 2008 as an independent label committed to releasing quality limited edition electronica embracing a darker aesthetic. It is a small artist run label that believes in cross promotion, collaboration, and integrity. Releases will vary from compact discs and digital downloads.

Octofoil specializes in Dark Electronica, Dark World Fusion, Industrial, Industrial Dubstep, and Primal Noise

Octofoil Myspace Page

Octofoil Artists:

- Retrogramme
- Maduro
- Sharps Injury
- Servitor Sanctum 7
- Luminous Dials
- Rhythm In Mind
- Notecrusher
- Darkened
- Teleoptyk
- The Opal Drops
ambient, belly dance, bellydance, breakbeat, breakcore, dancing, darkened, dc metro area, dubstep, ebm, electro, electronica, fusion, goth, gothic, idm, industrial music, luminous dials, maduro, notecrusher, powernoise, retrogramme, rhthym in mind, servitor sanctum 7, teleoptyk, the opal drops, washington dc, world fusion